Is Your Computer Part Of A Botnet? How Can You Tell?

A spam campaign infects Skype users with malware. The malware places the infected machine into a botnet with other infected machines. We examine the consequences. Read More

Cybercrime On The Rise: Why No Relief Is In Sight

A study examines cybercrimes and why they are predicted to increase. We examine what it means for employers. Read More

How An Employee-Vendor Scheme Cost One Employer $4.5 Million

FBI investigates an employee's office supply scheme that left one public employer $4.5 million short. We examine the scheme and what lessons employers can learn. Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects EEOC's Attorney Fee Argument

Leslie Zieren

The EEOC may one day face a $4.5 million attorney's fee following a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Leslie Zieren examines. Read more...


Managing Unauthorized Overtime: What Managers Need To Know

Leslie Zieren

When an employee works overtime without authorization, many managers want to withhold wage payments. Leslie Zieren examines why this is not a best practice. Read more...


New Overtime Rules Are Here: Their Impact And What Employers Need To Consider

Jack McCalmon

Employers have been waiting for nearly a year for the DOL revisions to the overtime rules. Jack McCalmon lays out the new changes, their impact and provides steps employers can take. Read more...


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