Want To Lower Your Risk Of Cyberattacks? What Can We Do Together?

Recent survey of CIOs shows they are focusing on employee training to avoid cyberattacks. We examine the reason for the emphasis on training and ask your opinion on how we can help. Read More

Moving The Goal Posts: How Wage And Hour Litigation Is Reshaping The American Workforce

Big verdicts, settlements, and sensationalized headlines have Jack McCalmon wondering how wage and hour litigation will change your workforce and other industries. Read More

Is "Ban The Box" On Job Applications Right For You?

In a recent poll we asked our readers if their organization has "banned the box" on its job application. Read on to learn the responses and the reason why some are doing it. Read More

Skilled Worker Shortage Predicted To Worsen. What Does That Mean For All Employers?


Employers face difficulties finding skilled workers. Predictions are the problem will worsen. How can your organization hold on to your skilled personnel? Read more...


Legislatures Are Busy: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You


Legislative terms in many states are quickly coming to and end, meaning soon there will be an abundance of freshly signed laws. We look at some recent examples. Are you up-to-date in your state? Read more...


Birthday Suit: How Can Employers Defend Themselves Against Sham Retaliation Claims?


An employee sues for retaliation after being denied time off for his birthday. Is this really retaliation? Read more...


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