4.7 Million Vehicles Recalled Will Impact Employees And Some Employers

The NHTSA warns about defective airbags for owners of approximately 4.7 million vehicles. How do you make sure your employees are safe when driving your organization's vehicles? Read More

Employees May Prefer A Single Sex Work Environment. Is It Legal?

Study finds many employees prefer single gender workplaces. We examine if it is a good idea for employers to abandon diversity and appeal to employee wishes of single sex workplaces. Read More

'Tis The Season For Weight Gain - What Can You Do To Keep The Pounds Off?

Holiday celebrations are fast approaching and that means food and drink ... a lot of it. How can you encourage employees to stay healthy this season? Read More

Attitude Matters - How To Manage For A Positive Attitude

Jack McCalmon

In Part Two of this three-part series, Jack McCalmon, Esq. examines how to manage for a positive attitude. Read more...


California Requires Training On Abusive Conduct - What's Next For All Employers


California employers must discuss "abusive conduct" in their mandatory sex harassment training. Leslie Zieren discusses why employers everywhere should consider the issue. Read more...


Safe Reporting Can Lead to a Safe Environment


EEOC sues a metal finishing employer for racial discrimination and retaliation. Learn how promoting safe reporting in your organization can reduce risk. Read more...


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